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Verus RPG                                                


Verus is a tabletop fantasy/sci-fi role-playing game with new unique races and a new combat rules system.

  • Flesh out and balance combat abilities.
    • 90% done.
  • Re-work race specific traits and abilities.
    • 99% done.
  • Re-work talents and training.
    • 80% done.
  • Go over spells and magic.
    • 75% done.
  • Go over Equipment and Crafting system.
    • 40% done.
  • Art and graphic design.
    • 15% done.
  • Lore (short stories, timeline)
    • 35% done.
Magical Havoc                                         

A fast-paced card game for 3-8 players in which wizards battle each other for control of a powerful magical nexus.

  • Rules and Gameplay
    • 75% done.
    • More testing required.
  • Balance Spells
    • 80% done.
  • Scribe Scrolls
    • 90% done.
  • Art and graphic design
    • 2% done.
Death Runners                                          


Death Runners is a reality game show board game where you play the contestants, forced to fight for freedom that you'll probably never be granted.

  • Go over characters and abilities
    • 50% done.
  • Go over items and event cards
    • 25% done.
  • Art and graphic design
    • 5% done.
  • Lots and lots of playtesting.
    • ???


A party game for creative people. Pitch your movie! Except... you don't get to cast it. Or have much say in the production, really. Do your best with what you're given!
  • Playtesting has gone very well.
    • Minor changes and graphic design.
    • Kickstarter campaign
  • Rules
    • 110% done.
  • Art and Graphic design
    • 80% done.

A pirate-themed gambling game for 3-8 players.
  • Playtesting has gone well
  • Rules have been revised
  • More playtesting soon
  • Rules
    • 70% done.
  • Art and Graphic design
    • 0% done.

Ninja Dojo                                                     

A deckbuilding game! With ninjas!
  • Playtesting has revealed the need for multiple changes.
  • Rules rework
    • 50% done.
  • Playtesting
    • 10% done.
  • Art and Graphic design
    • 0% done.
Future Projects                                         

These projects have all been discussed, and some have rules and themes in development.

"Project GZ" 
Steampunk-type roleplaying game with streamlined rules and a harsh combat system.

"Project F-WF"
A number of trading card game ideas have been discussed and all of them fall under this project title.

"Project :Three"
A strategy board gameProtect your territory and defeayour enemies.

"Project Labyrinth"
A semi-goofy board game. With a maze!

"Project 7 of 8"
Another board game. With wizards and rogues!

"Project Pipe Wrench"
Yet another board game. Place tiles and expand your domain.

"Project TT"
An educational board game.

"Project Galaxy"
A hidden location card game.

"Project Settler"
A resource and territory management game.

"Project Play Ball"
A sports-themed board game.