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Triptic Team
  • Cody Piechocki (Co-Lead)
  • Jason Ehrhardt (Co-Lead)
  • Andrew Jung (Design, Playtesting)
  • Chevis Watkinson (Graphic Design)
  • Damian Kudick (Design, Playtesting)
  • Jason Kauffman (Art)
  • Jesse Dunsmore (Lore, Design, Playtesting)
  • Merry Shin (Lore, Design, Playtesting)
  • Sarah Olsen (Lore, Art, Playtesting)
  • Will Trudell (Lore, Playtesting)
  • Cody Piechocki
  • Jason "Jay" Ehrhardt
  • Jason Kauffman
Social Media/Other pages
Currently the best way to contact us is through our facebook page.