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Races of Verus


The Architects have a rather weak bone structure, and some of their bones are even hollow, similar to the bones of a bird. This in turn makes them rather frail and less able to lift heavy items, so most Architects tend to avoid physical labor of any kind, preferring to further their magical prowess and psychic abilities instead.


The Itaayri, also known as the Children of the Tide, originally inhabited only the Tilzenian Islands to the southeast of the mainland, but after The Great War, those who aided the dragons on the mainland stayed and developed settlements along the eastern and southern coasts. Since then, they’ve taken control of most naval activity on Verus.

Many Itaayri live their lives sailing and fishing. They value art and beauty, but mostly the majesty of the sea.


Ogans spend much of their time working on whichever craft or crafts they choose to pursue. However, despite their rather dedicated work ethic, Ogans have numerous holidays and festivals, usually including games and competitions.

The Qi

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The only remnants of the Dragons, the Etlin are genetically engineered: half-human and half-dragon.


Elementals exist in a number of ways. Most are spirits which have no real physical form and live for the sole purpose of moderating the elements and serving the Four.

Other elementals are adventurers who have died and formed a pact with the Four in order to be restored to life with an elemental body. Anyone whose life has been restored this way is restricted by the limits placed on them by the Four, and therefore placed in a physical form, bound with the Unbreakable Bindings, and given enhanced elemental powers. These elementals have their own free will and memories, but must abide by their pact with the Four.

As elementals grow in strength, they increasingly resemble the embodiment of their respective element. 

Air elementals can become capable of intensely fast movement, flight, and invisibility.

Earth elementals have a special connection with spirits of nature, which grants them moderate protection from some magic, as well as improved regeneration.

Fire elementals are able to sacrifice some of their inner heat to greatly enhance their fire magic at times.

Water elementals are able to shift their entire body from one state of matter to another at will, changing their water magic accordingly, granting them amazing versatility.


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